Bridal Portrait & Wedding Day | Eng Soon & Kumi

The first time I met Eng Soon and Kumi is on their wedding day itself. Eng Soon is a soft-spoken Singapore-born gentleman whereas Kumi is a chatty and active Japanese lady. I honestly found the entire shooting session a relaxed and comfortable one.

When we were in the bridal car, travelling from the hotel to Eng Soon’s place, I overheard a whisper from Kumi to Eng Soon that she wanted a “Kamekameha” shot. “Why not? Just do it!” I said before they gave up this awesome idea. So, we did at a neighbourhood plaza which is just nearby Eng Soon’s place. It was beautifully done =)

In the evening, we did a casual couple photoshoot around the Merlion Park. As Eng Soon and Kumi are in kimono (Traditional Japanese Costume), a bunch of pedestrians and tourists took out their handphone and snap a picture or two. You were certainly an adorable couple!

During the dinner banquet, laughter and cheers were everywhere. This lovely couple surely found a pack of good friends who really cherish their friendships. The night was simply phenomenal!

Truly appreciate the wedding couple for engaging me as their wedding photographer. We wish them an everlasting married life filled with love and happiness!

High quality version on Flickr

Venue: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

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