Wedding Day | Dave & Dairu

Hello Kitty themed wedding! I had come across a few but no one beats this! You could see this cute little kitten everywhere throughout the entire wedding day. Dave and Dairu surely put in great effort to it. Nicely done!

What an entertaining gatecrash! All of us got so much fun out of it! As the brothers and sisters knew one another so well, they had no reason to hold back. I did admire the creativity of the sisters who came out with so many awesome ideas just to make the unlucky brothers suffered. Torment to the groom and brother but fun for the rest of us!

The solemnization in the evening was lively too, thanks to the humorous Justice of the Peace. Truly a wonderful start of a matrimony. God bless!

Don’t forget the Hello Kitty! She could be seen at EVERY SINGLE CORNER of the wedding dinner banquet. Dave and Dairy are capable drinkers but their friends are too. Sadly, some people preferred to send their wishes with alcohols and you just had to accept it =P

Thank this lovely couple for engaging me as the wedding photographer for your big day. Wish you a happy marriage life ahead!

High quality version on Flickr

SDE video highlight: LMP Production (Backup Link)

Venue: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium

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