Wedding Day | Soon Yang & Uyen

Wedding Photographer: Fay

SDE video highlight: Welovegraphy SG

Venue: Crowne Plaza (lunch)

I had strong impression when I met this couple at the beginning of this year. They are friendly, smart and most importantly, they knew what they wanted. Talking to them was simply effortless and I enjoyed the session so much!

I was quite curious about Uyen’s idea when she told me that she decided to wear Kua instead of white gown which is normally chosen by 99.9% of brides for their actual day morning outfit. In fact, this is norm in Uyen’s hometown in Vietnam. Partly due to her gentle personality, Uyen looked super lovely when she was in Kua!

Soon Yang is a fun-loving person. He was obviously having so much fun while the bridesmaids were making fun of him and the brothers. He is also a witty guy. I never failed to hear laughter around him most of the time. His speech during the banquet was simply humorous!

I truly enjoyed being part of their wedding photographer. Lastly, congratulations to this lovely couple for the wonderful union. All the best! 😉

High quality version on Flickr

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