Why you need a good Wedding Photographer

We all know that wedding is undoubtedly one of the most important moments in everyone’s life. Wedding couples invest a hefty amount of time and money to their wedding in order to get the most wonderful memories out of it. An awesome wedding deserves a well documentation by an awesome wedding photographer. Let us tell you why.

Okay, let us start from the beginning. You are currently planning your wedding which will probably happen 12 months later. There are so many things to consider. Going indoor or outdoor? Garden, beach, pool or church wedding? Decoration? Colours? Any specific theme? Wedding cake? Banquet and guest list? The list seems never stop growing but some good (and never-ending) discussions with your fiancé (or fiancée) should eventually give you some conclusions to work on.

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Here comes the actual wedding day. It is a little messy, it is a little bit out of control, but in overall, it is truly a lovely one. You are blessed by the distinguished guests. You chat with your old friends whom you have not seen so long ago. Your parents shed a tear or two as you are no longer their little girl (or little boy). One more thing, you are marrying possibly the most handsome groom (or most beautiful bride) in the world. Believe me or not, it is a long day but you will definitely enjoy the most out of it.

On the next day of your wedding, you realise the cruellest part. Most of the things that you spent so much had gone. The fine wedding cake had gone. Flower had been trashed. Those fantastic decorations which cost you 3 grand had been dismantled and the same venue is being occupied by another couple who is getting married today! Where are those gorgeous wedding dresses? If you rent them, they should probably be returned to the vendor in the afternoon. If you own them, You should consider to keep them in the storeroom or under the bed. The fact is that you will not see them in any near future (or forever).

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What’s left? The photos. Unlike those beautiful flowers and decorations which disappear right after the wedding, the value of photos grows over time, especially when nostalgia kicks in. Browsing the photos is the best way to help you recall happiness and touching memories of your wedding. Smiles on your grandparents’ faces when you serve them tea, flower confetti showering on you when you march into the hall, tears in his/her eyes when you say the vows.

You should now realise how important a wedding photographer is. As such, you need someone who is capable of doing it. Someone who has the artistic sense to frame these moments in an aesthetic way. Someone who has the relevant experience and is able to react to any unexpected occurrence in the wedding.

Before engaging a wedding photographer (or actual day photographer), there are a few factors you possibly want to consider:


Log in to your Pinterest account and look for photography styles which are in your favour. It can either be a specific shooting or editing style, or both. Some photographers focus more on getting creative angles whereas some tend to capture more facial expressions and emotions. Some preferred heavy post-editing but some want it to be more natural. Shortlist some wedding photographers who have similar styles. The bottom line is that you should like what you pay for.

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“Experienced” means better anticipation and coverage. Photographers who have come across more weddings definitely anticipate the next things to happen more accurately thus there will be less missed shots. In addition, the good thing of having an experienced wedding photographer is that he can give you invaluable and trustworthy suggestion when you seek their advice during your wedding planning. Most of us are nice guys and more than willing to help. Visit their websites and go through the recent past wedding projects done by the shortlisted candidates. Make sure you are viewing complete sets, not just a few images from a wedding. Further shortlist those who have excellent consistency and good coverage.

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Interact with the shortlisted candidates over the phone or through messaging. If possible, arrange a face-to-face session so you know who is comfortable to work with. Withdraw those with attitude problems.


You know that wedding photography is very important. However, you also know that there is a budget. Great, experienced wedding photographers are usually not cheap. We are pricey due to many reasons (Google “Why Wedding Photography is So Expensive”. There are plenty of articles explaining it). No matter how much the price it is, try your best to allocate substantial budget for actual day photography so you will get the memory keepsake in the best way you want. Remember, those photos will be with you forever.

A Wedding Photographer from Bridal Studio? Take it? or not

In Singapore, some bridal studios offer actual day photography packages after you sign up their pre-wedding photography package. This kind of packages often comes very cheaply. Most of the case, inexperienced actual day photographer will be assigned to cover your wedding. This can be one of the reasons why they can be so cheap. However, we must admit that there are some lads, who have awesome skills bit, attached to bridal studios. So, if you are considering one, make sure the assigned photographer is capable of doing the job. Most importantly, you like their works. Remember to go through his past works before signing up. You do not want your wedding memories ruined.

All of the above are a piece of advice from me after working in this field for the past 4 years. Hopefully, they are helpful in your wedding planning. All the best and wish you a smooth preparation!

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